A One Page Marketing Plan

At it’s very basic, here are a few points, steps and a rough template to a very basic plan that can help start you on your way.

There are hundreds of plans, templates, from books’ worth of pages with models, for digital acquisition, sales, brand development etc, all the way down to one-page outlines (and there are a few of those – search online for “business model canvas” or “lean canvas” and print out a template to see if there are any ideas or similarities in that template that you can apply to your music career, festival, or idea as a business.

It doesn’t have to be more complicated for now, so I’ve put together a few questions to consider when penning your own plan… what your goals are, what makes you different, how to reach your fans with that difference, and how to keep track on things, what’s needed, and when.

You can download the basic template here:

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